Judges commentary:

The entire group of artworks were felt to have executed the theme very well, and used the recycled or repurposed materials in a very creative way. Jim Bright gave his congratulations to all the participants.

His comments for the winners were as follows:

1st place -  PRESENCE! This piece takes over any room that it is in.  It has great way of making the viewer smile, and has a great sense of wonder.

2nd place - PERSONALITY! Outstanding use of materials, with a great contrast of theft fabric and the industrial support.  The subjects are beautifully handled, especially the contours, sewing and edges. Very skillful and playful.

3rd place - The marriage of materials is wonderful! The "handle" appears as part of the form.  This is great mystery about this piece. "I would enjoy living with this work"

4th place- This sculptural wall piece creates great movement... Its subjects use their gaze to move the viewer's eye straight, left, down and back into the work.  It leans out to great us!

hm for recycled.jpg