New Newsletter Format Coming in October!

CCAC members, friends and supporters – beginning next month the CCAC’s monthly newsletter, “The Whistle,” and other communications, will be streamlined into a user-friendly, intuitive and interactive email format, where links to more information will be embedded directly inside the beautiful emails!

You’re going to love the new system and we’re really excited about the potential it has to bring our members closer and help us learn about what you want from the CCAC. Not to mention the flexibility! You’ll be able to instantly view the CCAC’s newsletters, event announcements and feature articles from your desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

We want to make sure you can read them! Here are a few ways you can make sure they make it to your inbox:

1. Add the CCAC's email address – - to your email contact list! Here are links for different email service providers, if you need help learning how: Yahoo! - Gmail - Hotmail - Comcast - Verizon
2. Gmail users – consider changing your inbox settings and trade in the “Promotions” and “Social” tabs for a simple, easy-to-use inbox by following these instructions. You can also train Gmail: if a CCAC email goes into the “Promotions” tab, manually drag it to the “Primary” inbox tab, so that Gmail learns that the CCAC’s emails are important to you.
Email if you need any technical assistance in this process, or if
you feel you may not be receiving updates after October 1.